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Humane Society Adoption Center and Cat Care Center


The Humane Society Adoption Center and Cat Care Center in Northport is open 10am-2pm on Saturday, and other times by appointment. The Adoption Center is at 2430 36th St., Northport. (Look for the red brick building behind Sherwin Williams, just west of Northwood Shopping Center and Publix. Please do not park directly in front of the Center, as it blocks access to other businesses.)

The Adoption Center is a home for cats only; there are no dogs at the Adoption and Cat Care Center. Dogs are seen by appointment only. Many of the cats the Humane Society has available for adoption are housed at the Adoption Center; the rest are in foster care. Dogs waiting for adoption are in foster care or at our Dog Care Center, which IS NOT open to the public. If you want to adopt an animal, you should start by checking our lists of adoptable animals. Adoptable animals may be seen on our Dog List and Cat List. Check our Events Calendar for other opportunities to meet the animals.

To start the adoption process, you will need to fill out an adoption application and be accepted as an adopter. CLICK HERE for links to the adoption applications. You can fill out an application even before you decide which animal you want to adopt. Note that it may take several days for us to process the application. The Humane Society ONLY adopts to those with an approved adoption application.

Please contact us at 205-554-0011 or email for an appointment to meet an adoptable pet or for more info about our organization and our animals. Our Adoption Center is a home for our healthy, adoptable animals. We DO NOT accept abandoned or rescued animals at any of our sites; please DO NOT bring them.

Few of our cats are in cages; they are able to exercise and socialize as they please. Look for our volunteer application if you'd like to join our team of adoption center volunteers!
Look for our foster application if you can offer a home to a dog or cat waiting for adoption! If you are interested in adopting from the Humane Society, please call 554-0011 or e-mail to make an apointment to visit animals in foster care or at the Adoption Center.


Please DO NOT bring stray, abandoned, rescued, or unwanted animals to our facilities. We do not have resources to accept such animals. All stray and unwanted animals should be taken to Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter.






The Humane Society of West Alabama is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that helps rescued animals find homes. Our adoption centers house healthy, adoptable animals, and we introduce new animals carefully. Please do not bring abandoned or rescued animals to the Humane Society Adoption Center; they CAN NOT be accepted! Abandoned/unwanted animals should be taken to the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter. The Humane Society works with Metro Animal Shelter and other local rescue organizations to get homeless animals adopted. Call HSWA at 205-554-0011 for more information.
LOOK HERE for information about our Dog Care Center.
Dogs are seen by appointment only.


Last Update: 8/12/14  


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