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Featured Recently

AVAILABLE: Sylvester is a very active and adorable young man, around one year old. He is a dapper, charming guy in a tuxedo! Sylvester will run and chase pretty much anything you throw or wave at him. He loves being part of everything that's going on, and is happy to help (whether you need it or not!) He's a little talkative, and we have noticed he enjoys being in the company of people and other cats. He's honestly a little clown, and thinks any attention is good attention. He loves playtime, but doesn't mind just relaxing around the house. He's always friendly and gentle around young children. If you'd like to meet him, please call or email! Negative for FIV and FeLK and current on vaccinations. Sylvester has been neutered.
ADOPTED: Meet Missy from Mississippi! A traveling couple rescued her from the highway and brought her to a new life in Tuscaloosa. Missy is a healthy, playful lady, about one year old, and full grown at about 70 pounds. She's not aggressive with people, cats, or dogs, though she might chase cats if they run past her. She has the softest coat imaginable, and loves belly rubs and treats! Because of her size, she would do better with older children, and she will need plenty of exercise. And she would benefit from some training, so she doesn't injure anyone while playing or running. Missy is up-to-date on vet care, spayed and on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. Missy has also started crate training and is doing very well. Missy is a smart young pup that needs a loving home with someone who can spend some time with her. Won't you show this brown eyed beauty what great fur-ever homes we have in Alabama?
ADOPTED: Emmett is about 6 years old, a big orange tabby boy with golden eyes. Emmett is friendly, but sometimes can be just a little shy. He is a good cat, and gets along with the others, but tends to be on the reserved side. He warms up to people quickly, and has no problem jumping up in your lap for attention and cuddles. He just needs a chance with a loving home to bring out his true personality and someone to have patience with him while he adjusts to a new home! He'd need a little bit of time to adjust to a new environment, but he has no problem with being selfish over having no competition for attention! Can you give Emmett his forever home? He's been waiting an awful long time for an understanding and patient hero!
Negative for FIV/ FeLK.
ADOPTED: This is Miss Mabel, a sweet little two year old female terrier mix. She has a scruffy white coat with black markings on her face. Mabel is small, weighing only 18.5 pounds and this is full grown. Mabel is a very sweet, loving dog who just wants to curl up in your lap! She is a people dog and doesn't really care about other dogs. She's completely house trained, sits at the door and waits to go out, and she goes in her crate when she wants. She likes to go outside and roll in the grass, but might need some leash training. Mabel will make a wonderful companion for some lucky person. She will be fine in an apartment and seems to be good with children. Mabel is up to date on her vet care, spayed, and is heartworm negative.
ADOPTED: This handsome guy is Jethro, a short-haired gray tabby with black stripes. He is approximately one year old. Jethro is a lot of fun to hang out with, and he will love to have a friend or two to play with! And like his namesake from NCIS (played by Mark Harmon), he definitely knows how to take charge! Jethro's favorite thing to do is sit in front of a window and birdwatch. And oh yes, he loves to talk to the birds! He'll chatter and chirp your ears off! Jethro can be shy with strangers at first, but don't let that fool you at all. He is extremely curious, so he'll begin to start checking out a new person very quickly. Once he figures out you're a human, he knows exactly what your job is - to pet him! He can give commands very easily! Be prepared to get cat hair all over your clothes, because once Jethro is petted, he won't let you retract your hand! Are you looking for something to do with your free time? Jethro has your answer! Please call or email to ask about or meet Jethro! Negative for FIV and FeLK.
ADOPTED: Meet fun-loving Otis, a 4 year old male terrier mix. He has a scruffy, wiry brown coat and is a medium size, weighing 30 pounds. This guy has more energy that the Energizer Bunny! We think he has been on his own for a long time cause he is very unsocialized. But thanks to the help of a wonderful trainer, Otis is being worked with on a daily basis. He is much better around other dogs, but for now, would need to be an only dog. He would be alright with older children, say 15 and up. Otis is not aggressive, just hyper active and sometimes will act out with other dogs. No cats, please. To help funnel some of that energy, his trainer is teaching him flyball and working on agility training. Otis is completely crate trained and house trained. He would have to have a fenced in yard in that he will not come back yet when called. He would probably dart out a door (and that is being worked on as well). Otis loves to go swimming but must keep him leashed so he doesn't take off out of the water. He is very sweet, and becoming more people oriented. He loves attention and is learning to be more interactive with people. Otis will need to be with someone who is active and can continue the work/training to some extent that has been going on with him. But we truly feel he is worth it! The trainer will be happy to talk more about Otis with you. He is up-to-date on vet care, on heartworm preventative, flea/tick preventative and neutered.
ADOPTED: Meet Ashley, a 2-year old female Short-Haired Dilute Tortoiseshell. Ashley is a friendly girl! She gets along surprisingly well with people and other cats. Ashley is not shy at all, and will come to greet you the first time meeting you if it strikes her fancy! Unless it's nap time, Ashley loves looking out of windows, and especially loves sunbathing! She has never been around dogs since we've known her, so we don't know how Ashley would behave or react to a dog. Ashley could get upset when something doesn't go her way, so adjusting to a dog would take patience, but it's not impossible. She still has kitten-like tendencies - once she settles in, she loves to play and do zoomies! Oh yes, she'll be nosy and explore every corner! Just ask for appointment to meet her, or stop in on a Saturday during our office hours!Negative for FIV and FeLK.











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Last Update: 8/22/11


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