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Humane Society Applications and Forms



The Humane Society Adoption Applications for dogs and cats are online.

Click here for the Dog Application (blue form)

Click here for the Cat Application (green form)


The Humane Society Volunteer Application

Click here for the Volunteer Application


Look here for more information about our volunteer opportunities.



Printable copies (.pdf)

Volunteer Application


List of Volunteer Opportunities


The other Humane Society forms and applications are in Microsoft WORD (.doc) format.  If you have (access to) Microsoft WORD or any program that can read a WORD file, you can download the selected form, fill it in, and e-mail it back to the Humane Society.  Or if you prefer, you can print and mail or fax the form.  Consult the Contact HSWA page to find the address, e-mail address or fax number for returning your form. 


If your version of Microsoft Word is not compatible with these forms, or if you do not have access to WORD or a WORD compatible program (such as Open Office), you may not be able to fill in the form, and you may not be able to read or print it.  If you cannot read, use, or download the necessary form, please contact the Humane Society and request the form in another format.


For additional information

call the Humane Society
at 554-0011

or e-mail

You may also request to have a form mailed to you.







Last Update: 1/16/15  


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