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The Adoption Process

To adopt an animal from Humane Society of West Alabama, you will need to fill out an application and be accepted as an adopter. You can fill out the application even if you have not decided which animal you want to adopt. Note that evaluation of your application by the adoption committee may take several days.

Once you have been accepted as an adopter, you will want to choose which animal is right for you. All of our adoptable animals are listed online. Check out our List of Dogs and List of Cats. Our adoption specialists can help you choose the right animal for your family/situation. Contact the Humane Society for adoption assistance.

There is a $75 adoption fee to help cover the vet costs for the shelter animals (payable at the time of adoption), and an additional $100 refundable deposit if you adopt an animal that has not yet been spayed/neutered. All Humane Society animals are up to date on shots, and all animals over 6 months old are spayed (females) or neutered (males).




Looking for a Pet?

The Humane Society has wonderful cats and dogs just waiting for a new home. To see information on some of these pets, check our List of Dogs and List of Cats. Also check the Events Calendar for information on our adoption events.

The Humane Society Adoption Center is open on Saturdays and by appointment. Cats may be seen at the Adoption Center; dogs are seen BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Call 554-0011 or e-mail to make an appointment. You may fill out an adoption application here or e-mail the Humane Society at and mention that you need the application.  

Click here to fill out or download an adoption application

or to request an application for adoption, e-mail
or call 205-554-0011

If you fill out a paper application, return it to:
Humane Society of West Alabama
P.O. Box 70054
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35407

Mark on the front: Attention Dog Application or Attention Cat Application. If you don't hear from us, you might call 554-0011 and leave a message that you did mail an application, so the cat or dog adoption volunteers know to check the incoming mail.

Do NOT send the adoption fee with the application!!!!

You may also fax the application to 205-248-7019.


Out of State?  The Humane Society does not transport or ship animals for out-of-state adoption. However, we do consider adopters from states within driving distance. If you can drive to our adoption facilities in and near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and make adequate arrangements for transporting your animal, we will consider an out-of-state adoption. We have had several wonderful adoptions to states from Louisiana to Ohio.

Questions about adoption?  Look here for answers,
or e-mail:

Last Update: 12/19/14  


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