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Pets Lost and Found


For information, or to add or report on an animal, call The Humane Society at 554-0011, or e-mail

If you have lost a pet in the Tuscaloosa area, be sure to check with Tuscaloosa METRO ANIMAL SHELTER at 3140 35th St. It is the place where lost/found/stray animals are taken in the Tuscaloosa metro area.




  DOG FOUND: male Chihuahua mix, long hair, light color, has been seen loose since March. Contact snazzydogs (at)
LOST CAT: male white cat, missing since 2/8 in Vance. Call 205-657-3038 DOG FOUND: male black lab, found off Charlie Shirley road, early April. Contact snazzydogz (at)   DOG FOUND:  female beagle found in Sokol Park 3/20. Call 205-246-1390
LOST DOG: 7 yr old male Yorkshire terrier, last seen Belvedere Place area. Missing since March. Call 205-331-8659 or 205-242-8107. DOG FOUND: male beagle mix, small, sick, maybe abandoned. Needs foster home. Call 205-752-0346   CAT FOUND: small grey cat, white flea collar, found 8th St/Gene Stallings area(stadium). Contact jcparks1 (at)

LOST CATS: solid black neutered male, grey tabby neutered male, missing since Feb in Northwood Lake area. May have been taken, left elsewhere. Please call 205-310-2353.

DOG FOUND: female yellow lab, found Lake Nicol are 3/15. Contact kbrown (at)   DOG FOUND: Cottondale area (Canyon Lakes), female puppy, terrier (?) mix, black and white, found 1/28/14. Call 534-0240.
LOST CAT: male, brown tabby, missing since 2/8 in Carriage Lane (Kicker Road) area. Has hair loss due to allergy. Call 205-454-7776 DOG FOUND: male german shepherd, found 2/17 in Vance area. Contact linda.eddins (at)   DOG FOUND: 10th ave, Rosedale apt area, found 1/28/14. Contact 334-467-6255
LOST DOG: white male shih tzu name Izzy, 3 yrs old. Call 349-4697. Missing since 1/5/14 LOST DOG: Male boxer, fawn and white, missing in Bear Creek Rd/Duncanville area, since 1/11/14. Reward. Contact bakstrickland (at)   DOGS FOUND: pair of shih tzus, found Wood Villa area 1/5/14. Call 205-799-6922.
LOST DOG: black, male, chow chow mix, 75 lbs, answers to Butchy, lost 1/2/14. Contact badixon1(at)
LOST DOG: large brown dog missing in Vance/Mercedes area. Missing since 12/13. Contact justinemalo88 (at)
  DOG FOUND: red and white pit bull/mix, found 1/6/14 in Druid Hills area. Call 722-3617
LOST DOG: maltese/chihuahua mix, 8 lbs, 5 yrs old, missing from Northridge subdivision/Union Chapel Rd. Call 205-792-0653 or 205-331-9920. Reward. Lost 12/13

If you have lost a pet or found someone's pet, you might also list/check listings at:

Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter

Greater Birmingham Humane Society Lost Pet database

  DOG FOUND:male beagle, found Northridge High/The Oaks. email tbjenne (at) Found 12/13
LOST DOG: Black lab/terrier mix, white spot on chest. 30 lbs, 1 1/2 yrs, lost in Retreat at Lake Tamaha. Call 251-458-5084 or 251-533-1951. Missing since 12/13. Animals Lost and Found from the Tornadoes on 4/27 (facebook) - now a general Alabama Lost and Found site   DOG FOUND: young male puppy, found Cottondale. Call 205-454-5193. Found 12/13.
LOST CAT: black male, green eyes, white paws and chest. Lost Ashford Circle Tuscaloosa/Hillcrest area. Call 205-534-7016. Lost 12/13 LOST DOG: male, fluffy, terrier mix, mostly white, blk on face. Answers to Iggy. email kendalllray15 (at) Missing since 12/13.  

DOGS FOUND: 2 dogs found Northriver CVS, one is a beagle. Call 205-242-0655. Found 12/13

LOST CAT: female adult calico tabby, white front. Lost in Laurelwood area/Ozier Dr. email stupidalex007 (at) Lost 11/13. LOST DOG: white fluffy neutered male, 7 yrs old, lost Queen City Ave/7th St. Call 205-242-5773. Lost 12/13. Answers to Brinkley.  

DOG FOUND: female terrier mix, 20lbs., found Clear Creek Colony/Northport. Call 678-326-6400. Found in 11/13.


LOST DOG:female terrier/pit mix, 4 yrs old, mostly white with blk face. Lost in Cottondale, answers to Sadie. Call 205-657-0656. Missing since 11/13. LOST DOG: female blk/wht Springer spaniel, missing Forest Glen/Northport, answers Evie. Call 205-764-4687. Missing since 11/13.   CAT FOUND: grey/brown tabby male cat. Call 409-766-0750. Found 11/13.
LOST DOG:2-yr old male beagle, mostly white with black/brown spots, 25 lbs, lost on House Bend Rd/Northport, answers to Buddy. Call 205-799-4201 or 205-454-3384. Missing since 11/13. LOST DOG: black and white female poodle, elderly, 6 lbs, lost Bull Slough Rd/Northport. Call 205-333-2715. Missing since 11/13.   DOG FOUND: male shepherd/beagle mix? black/tan, cropped tail. email kelispa61 (at) Found in 10/13.
LOST DOGS: 2 yr old male chocolate lab, answers to Turbo, and male 6 yr old rottweiler, answers to Tucker. May have been stolen. Call 205-333-7177. Missing since 10/13.

LOST DOG: female yellow lab, lost Cottondale area/Spring Dr. Green eyes, about 80 lbs. Call 205-391-7460. Lost in 10/13, answers to Presley.


  DOG FOUND: male, black and white, one blue one brown eyes, large, mostly black. Found 69 S/Bear Creek Rd. Call 205-394-6666. Found 10/13.
LOST DOG: white American Bulldog, about 85 lbs., lost in Alberta area/25th St. Call 799-9109. Lost in 8/13.

LOST DOG: young female Bloodhound, 55 lbs. Call 657-0679. Reward. Missing since 10/13.



DOG FOUND: Shih Tzu, found Jug Factory Rd/Skyland area. Call 205-210-1417. Found in August.

CAT FOUND: blk/white male, 4 white socks. Call 205-556-2272. Found 9/13

LOST DOG: male black/white mutt, medium size, lost in Cross Creek area/Kicker Rd. Call 205-349-9427. Lost 8/13, answers to Dexter. LOST DOG: male Pomeranian, lost Fields Crossing near Patriot Pkwy. Call 205-534-0196 or 205-361-5960. Lost in 9/13.   DOG FOUND: yellow lab mix, male. Call 205-246-4777. Found 9/13.
LOST DOG: female chocolate lab, Bailey, about 50 pounds. Call 828-736-6838 or 828-736-7861, Reward. Lost 9/13. LOST DOG: female French Bulldog, lost in Haleyville area. Black/white, with diamond on forehead. Call 937-307-3776 or email amyapate (at) Lost 8/13.  

DOG FOUND: Black female Scottie. Call 205-242-4158. Found in Northwood Lake area 7/13.


LOST DOG: female yorkie/daschund mix, 12 pounds, lost in Pinedale/ Candlewood area Northport. Call 339-3208 or 205-657-1478. Missing since 8/13. Answers to Brownie.

LOST DOG: small brown male dog, greying face, very timid. Answers to Rusty. Call 205-394-6987. Lost in7/13. Answers to Rusty.

  PUPPY FOUND: Near Holt High/Camp St. Black lab/mix with white feet. Call 205-394-4757. Found 7/13.
LOST DOG: black/white female Shih-Tzu, elderly, lost in Elrod. Call 205-331-5223 or 205-534-2529. Lost in 7/13

LOST CAT: mostly white male adult with blk markings, has microchip. Lost Hwy 43 Graceland Rd/ Carolwood area. Call 205-393-1069. Lost in 7/13

  DOG FOUND: German Shepherd found off Hwy 43 N. Call Tripp 205-799-0158. Found 7/13








Searching for a lost pet?
Look here for suggestions of how to proceed.


These animals have been reported to The Humane Society in the last 6 months. If you have information about any of these animals, please call or e-mail the owner as shown, or contact the Humane Society of West Alabama.

Last Update: 4/24/14  

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