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Pets Lost and Found


If you have lost a pet in the Tuscaloosa area, you should check with
Tuscaloosa METRO ANIMAL SHELTER at 3140 35th St.
It is the place where lost/found/stray animals are taken in the Tuscaloosa metro area.



If you have lost a pet or found someone's pet, you might also list/check listings at:

Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter


Animals Lost and Found in Alabama (Facebook)


Pets lost and found in Birmingham area (Craigslist)


Pets lost and found in Central Alabama (Facebook)


Pets missing in Alabama (Pinterest)


America's Lost and Found Pet Database





Searching for a lost pet?
Look here for suggestions of how to proceed.

STRAY and UNWANTED ANIMALS: Stray, unwanted and unknown animals should be taken to Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter. Please DO NOT bring any stray or homeless animals directly to the Humane Society, we do not have facilities for accepting such animals!! Metro Animal shelter is the drop-off site for lost, found, stray and unwanted animals in the Tuscaloosa area.

The Humane Society can only care for a limited number of animals. When we have room to accept more animals, they come to us through our veterinarians, through our work with Metro Animal Shelter and local animal control, and through our own volunteers' rescue efforts. We rescue and find homes for as many animals as possible, but our facilities and our volunteer efforts are limited!! Introducing a stray animal with unknown health problems risks the health of our other animals and jeopardizes our rescue efforts. Please DO NOT bring any stray, homeless or unwanted animal directly to the Humane Society!!!!



Last Update:11/23/14  


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