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Seaching for a Lost Pet


If you have lost a pet, it is very important to work quickly; with each passing day, the chances of a reunion lessen. Here are suggestions for finding a lost pet in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area.


First, create fliers—preferably with a photograph and a reward offer (don’t specify an amount). There are three types of locations to post them:

  1. Surrounding Area (saturate a one-mile radius):
    Grocery/convenience stores
    People on foot (mailman, newspaper carrier, children, joggers)
  2. High-Traffic Areas (with bulletin boards):
    Wal-Mart, Target and similar stores
    Public Libraries
    Downtown post office on 22nd Avenue
  3. Animal Areas (with bulletin boards):
    All veterinary clinics
    Pet Supplies “Plus”

    grocery stores
    Grooming shops
    Humane Society Adoption Center

Put up real-estate-type signs at intersections in your area where people must stop their cars (red lights, stop signs, and yield signs).

Place an ad in newspapers and check the Found sections regularly. Local newspapers in the Tuscaloosa area include:

1. Tuscaloosa News (759-5115)
2. Northport Gazette (759-3091)
3. Crimson White (348-7845)
4. Planet Weekly (758-2600)
5. Tuscaloosa Shopper (333-7525)

Visit the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter (3140 35th Street, phone 752-9101) daily and use its Hotline (349-8538) to leave a message and hear messages; be aware that the tape may be erased daily.


Talk with the animal-control agency specific to your area:

1. City of Tuscaloosa (349-0240)
2. City of Northport (339-6600)
3. Tuscaloosa County (752-0616—Deputy Jacobs)


Pets sometimes return to a former residence; put fliers there.

Leave bowls of food and water out, both front and back; leave gates open if possible.

Has anyone in your neighborhood just relocated? Could your pet have entered the moving van?
or be shut in someone's garage?

Could your pet have been stolen?

1. Is it a purebred (or look like one)? It may have been wanted for breeding or selling for a profit.
2. Is your pet one of the fighting breeds? Dog fighters constantly need new dogs; they also look for “bait” animals.
3. Have other pets in your neighborhood recently disappeared? Professional dognappers may have gathered several dogs to drive them to research laboratories.
4. There are people in the area who regularly trap outdoor cats and carry them to the Metro Shelter.
5. Could an angry neighbor have taken your pet and abandoned it somewhere?

The Humane Society of West Alabama sincerely hopes that you find your lost pet!    
Last Update: 2/2/06  


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