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Volunteers Needed

The Humane Society of West Alabama is always in need of volunteers.  If you have time and want to help, check out these opportunities for volunteers. If you can help, contact our volunteer coordinator. CLICK HERE to fill out a volunteer application.

NOTE: The Humane Society particularly needs volunteers who can help with the cats at the cat adoption center and with the dogs at our dog adoption center. These animals depend on us; we need volunteers who won't let them down.

Look here for general information on our craft sale fundraisers.  You can help.

Humane Society needs foster homes for animals, especially larger dogs.  Look here for more info, and contact our volunteer coordinator if you can help.



Volunteers Opportunities Currently available:  

HSWA Adoption Center (Cats)

Age = 16 years or older
Scooping litter boxes, cleaning surfaces, medications, sweeping, mopping, laundry, brushing cats, trimming cat nails, stocking inventory, making things clean, pretty, and smelling good. Oh, not to mention having fun too.

HSWA Dog Foster Home

Age = 19 years or older
Scooping yard, hosing pens, refreshing water pails, refreshing hay, playing with dogs, observing and noting problems, transporting dogs if necessary, just plain having fun!!

HSWA Flea Market Store

Age = 16 years or older
Pricing, organizing displays, cash register, greeter, receiving and cleaning donated merchandise, pickups.  If you can help, contact our volunteer coordinator or call Jimmie at 454-0498.

Special Events and Opportunities

We ALWAYS need volunteers for special events. We have craft sales, adoption events, information events, work days, etc. We also have particular tasks we need help with, such as working on the newsletter, helping with financial and animal data entry, transporting animals to the vet or to PetSmart, or helping with pet medication. You don't need to committ to a regular schedule, you can help as much or as little as you have time for. Please contact us if you can help.



Attention Crafters

The Humane Society also needs handmade craft items for its various craft sales, and donated household goods in good repair for its Flea Market and other sales.  If you have items to donate, contact the Humane Society.

Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


Volunteers sell crafts, T-shirts, snacks and donated goodies during our annual Canine Classic.

Volunteers setting up for a Craft Sale in front of Pet Supplies "Plus"




Last Update: 10/14/14  


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