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Our Wish List


The Humane Society is always in need of the following items:


Cleaning Supplies:
- OdoBan products
- Clorox Anywhere Disinfecting Spray or Surface Wipes
- Windex Multi-Surface cleaner (ammonia-free)
- Febreze products
- Renuzit Air Fresheners
- dishwashing liquid
- liquid laundry detergent
- Libman mops and mophead replacements
- cleaning brushes – all types
- cider vinegar (for cleaning and laundry)
- brooms
- paper towels (lots)
- Nature's Miracle or Simple Solution
- baking soda
- large garbage bags, Ruffies medium-sized bags and small (poop scoop) bags
- lint (pet hair) brushes and rollers

Office and Flea Market Supplies and Volunteer Support:
- soft drinks & bottled water
- toilet paper
- hand sanitizer and liquid hand soap
- copier/printer paper (lots)
- card stock for printer (white or colors)
- pens, push pins, paper clips, staples, tape, etc
- batteries, all sizes but especially AA and C
- envelopes (any size), manila folders
- permanent markers and dry-erase markers
- safety pins (lots)
- light bulbs (especially standard 40/60W or equivalent)
- plastic clothes hangers of all kinds, especially clip-type skirt hangers and child size hangers
- plastic grocery and shopping bags
- small stick-on and tie-on price tags
- black pens

For the animals:
- Pedigree Dry Adult dog food and Purina Puppy Chow
- Purina Indoor Adult Cat Chow, Adult Light or Kitten cat food
- Purina Urinary Health or Friskies Special Diet for urinary health cat food
- heartworm preventative (dogs)
- topical flea treatment (cats and dogs)
- Feliway diffusers and refills
- pet crates, cages and carriers
- pet traps (for capturing strays)
- fencing and kennels
- dog houses
- glass, ceramic or metal feeding dishes
- cat litter boxes
- Vet Viralys lysine powder, acidolphilus forte powder and Fortiflora
- Arm & Hammer or Tidy Cat litter deodorizer
- colorful twin sheets & pillowcases (for Cat Adoption Center)
- bird seed (Cat Adoption Center)
- Tidy Cat Premium Scoopable (red or blue lable) cat litter
- poop scoopers (cat and dog)
- cat collars, dog collars and leashes (especially small and medium)
- beds for cats
- pet grooming supplies, brushes, nail trimmers, shampoo, etc.
- dog treats and biscuits (not rawhide)
- cat scratching posts and cardboard scratch pads
- cat towers, condos and climbing trees
- dog and cat toys

- clothing, furniture and household items for our Flea Market
- clothing, hangers, AA batteries, card stock and safety pins, for our Consignment Sales
- handmade and craft items for our Bazaars and craft sales
- help with repairs, maintenence, and lawncare at our adoption centers
- volunteers (see volunteer information)
- foster homes for dogs or cats
- Monetary donations




If you would like to make a donation to support the Humane Society Adoption Center or continue our animal rescue and foster services, please download and send the Donation form.

Or donate online through Paypal



Thanks for your help!



Last Update:12/18/12  


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