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2020 Calendars
We are looking for 12 dogs and 12 cats to be featured in our 2020 fundraiser calendars. Each month will feature one beloved pet as the featured photograph above the calendar dates. For $100, your pet will have a photoshoot with Wags to Riches Photography in their studio! You will get access to the digital images, and the best one - to be chosen by us - will be featured in our calendar! 

To reserve your spot, call (205) 554-0011 and leave a message to make your appointment with the photographer. Once you have confirmed your space, you will be asked to mail the form below, along with your fee, to hold your reservation.
 Be sure to phone first in case all the spots are taken!

This year we will also be having a memorial collage page for our dear furry friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge. For $10, your digital picture will appear in the dedicated memorial collage.


To participate, email your picture to with the subject line "2020 Calendar Memorial Collage" along with the name of your pet. Then make sure to mail the form below along with $10 to confirm your spot. 


Thank you to Wags to Riches Photography for volunteering their services for our fundraiser calendar. All proceeds go toward the HSWA, but if you would like to thank them directly, they accept donations of props! (See a selection of suggested items below.) 

Deadline to sign up is July 25th, so don't delay! 

Calendar Sign-Up
Memorial Sign-Up
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