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-Dog Adoption Center-
 "The Dog House"

In 2008, the Humane Society purchased a small home with 1.7 acres of land in Tuscaloosa County to house some of the dogs that come into our care. Many of our dogs stay in foster homes until they are adopted while the rest stay at the "dog house," our nickname for this facility, where around 17 additional dogs can be cared for while awaiting adoption.


The dog care facility has a shaded, covered kennel area with fans and misting for hot days, 2 large fenced yards for play, a separate isolation area for dogs who need health care or special care, a mobile home where the dogs are brought in at night or in bad weather, storage facilities, and a small home for the onsite caretaker. We also have a small office for handling the business related to dog adoptions. A caretaker lives on the property so the dogs are never alone at night. Volunteers visit the site at least once a day to play with the dogs and help clean up the yards and kennels. A lot of hard work and love goes into taking care
of the animals to get them ready for adoption and to keep them
until they find a forever home.

The Humane Society Dogs can be seen by appointment or at "Meet the Dogs" Events. To find out when these events are happening, keep an eye on our "Events" tab and our Facebook page. 

Please DO NOT go to the Dog Adoption Center without an appointment.



Fenced In Play Areas

Covered Kennel Area

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