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- Get Involved - 


HSWA holds several events and fundraisers throughout the year. Please click the Events tab to view our current and upcoming festivities.



There are several volunteer opportunities at both of our adoption facilities, fundraisers, and events. Click the "Get Involved" tab to fill out a volunteer application and learn more about volunteering.



Fostering allows us to rescue and find forever homes for more cats and dogs. Under the "Get Involved" tab, click on the "Foster" link to learn more. Please note there is a dog-foster specific volunteer application. If you are interested in fostering cats, just fill out the regular volunteer application. 



There is a PayPal link at the top of every page for a quick and convenient way to donate to HSWA. We appreciate any help that we receive. There is also a tab for our wish list of specific items that are very beneficial to our organization. Please visit our donations tab for more information.

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