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- What We Do -

  • We find loving adopters for homeless, neglected, and/or abused dogs and cats and other animals.

  • We maintain lists of lost and found animals. 

  • We maintain lists of pets needing new homes and people seeking pets, and we assist others with vet care and finding homes for rescued animals. 

  • We document calls concerning animal cruelty and route these cases to the proper authorities

    • NOTE: If you see a case of suspected animal cruelty, call the police ASAP. ​The police are more effective in responding to charges of animal cruelty and abandonment if they can speak directly to the first-hand witness.

  • We are an information-and-referral service and have an extensive file of contact names and numbers.

For information regarding Low-Cost Spay and Neuter options in our area, click the "Spay/Neuter" tab above. 

For more information on other services we offer, such as Courtesy Listings, hover over the "Services" tab above. 

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