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- Spay/Neuter Services -

Below you will find some information regarding low-cost spay and neuter programs in the West Alabama area. 


It is so important that you spay and neuter your pets to help control the population of unwanted pets. According to the Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic, every year "Alabama animal shelters euthanize over 150,000 dogs and cats." Leaving your pets unaltered also leaves them susceptible to diseases like cancer. With numerous charities and organizations operating to help get animals spayed/neutered in Alabama, there is no longer an excuse not to get your pets fixed!

The Humane Society of West Alabama does not, unfortunately, offer spay/neuter services for animals other than those adopted from us. Due to the small size of our organization, and the fact we are 100% volunteer and run entirely off of donations, we are unable to provide this service. However, there are many other organizations in our area that are readily available to assist.

Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic  

This clinic operates out of Birmingham and provides "high-volume, low-cost sterilization as the only humane, sustainable solution to the overpopulation of dogs and cats in Central Alabama." They offer pick-up/drop-off transportation to the clinic from Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter. You can find out more about their organization, fees, and services (including transportation) here:

Metro Animal Shelter Spay/Neuter Certificates 

According to their website, "The Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter spay/neuter certificate program allows you to have your animal spayed/neutered for the cost of a certificate ($20). The program is in partnership with the ALspay clinic in Birmingham. The program targets individuals we consider in need due to financial or physical constraints." To find out if you qualify and to learn how to apply, visit their website here:

Cans for Kritters

This organization is a "judgement free, non-discriminatory group [who will] assist anyone needing help getting their dog or cat Speutered." They do this by collecting aluminum cans and donations from the community to help assist with lowering the cost of surgery, providing transportation, or providing education on the subject. If you have soda, beer, or cat-food cans to donate, the HSWA has a collection bin at the Cat Adoption Center in Northport. You can learn more about their organization here:

Tuscaloosa Spay & Neuter Incentive Program

TSNIP works primarily at helping to control the population of feral and stray cats on the streets in Tuscaloosa. If you have a colony of cats in your neighborhood or a stray cat has shown up at your house that you cannot trap yourself to get fixed, please contact TSNIP as soon as possible. While it may be easy to say, "that cat isn't my problem," we assure you it is easier to get one cat trapped and fixed than it is to deal with an entire litter of kittens that may be born on your porch! You can find out more about TSNIP and how/where they operate, by visiting their website here:

Bibb County Pet Welfare
Bibb County Pet Welfare is a 501(c)3 charity working diligently in Bibb County to provide high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter surgeries to the public. They frequently provide very inexpensive (and sometimes free) options for having your pets fixed. To learn more, call (205) 410-1003, email, or visit . They also post days/times/fees for their surgery transports on Facebook at


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