Lost and Found

Searching for a Lost Pet

If you have lost a pet, it is very important to work quickly; with each passing day, the chances of a reunion lessen.
Here are suggestions for finding a lost pet in the Tuscaloosa, AL area.

Call Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter 752-9101 (hotline 349-8538). Stray animals found by animal control are taken to Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter (not our organization), so check with them immediately and regularly!

Post your animal's picture, your name, and the area from which it was lost in local Facebook groups
like Tuscaloosa Missing Pets and Feline Friends of Tuscaloosa. We can also post your pet's information on our Facebook group.

Create fliers with a photograph and reward offer (don’t specify amount). Post in the following:

  • Surrounding Area: Grocery/Convenience Stores, Laundromats, People on foot 

  • High-Traffic Areas: Wal-Mart/Target, Public libraries, Downtown post office on 22nd Avenue

  • Animal Areas: Veterinary clinics, Pet supply stores, Grooming shops, Humane Society Adoption Center


Put up real-estate-type signs at intersections in your area where people must stop their cars (red lights, stop signs, and yield signs).


Place an ad in the newspapers and check the "Found" sections regularly.
Local newspapers in the Tuscaloosa area include:
Tuscaloosa News (759-5115)

Northport Gazette (759-3091)
Crimson White (348-7845)


Talk with animal-control agency specific to your area:

  • City of Tuscaloosa (349-0240)

  • City of Northport (339-6600)

  • Tuscaloosa County (752-0616)


The Humane Society of West Alabama sincerely hopes that you find your lost pet!


Cat Adoption Center

By Appointment Only


Dog Adoption Center

By Appointment Only


To schedule an appointment please call or email.


Cat Adoption Center

2430 36th Street
Northport, AL 35473

NOTE: This is NOT a drop-off location for stray or unwanted animals. Please contact Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter if you need to immediately surrender an animal.


Please Send All Correspondence Here

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