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Help us save more dogs by providing a foster home. We need your help!

Note: If you are interested in fostering cats/kittens, please fill out the regular Volunteer Application. Cats are smaller and can be left alone for longer periods of time; therefore, they have fewer requirements to foster. The below information for what the foster home provides vs. what we provide is true for both dogs and cats.

Foster Requirements

1. Foster families must have a fenced yard (or else be able to walk the dog on a leash at least 4 times a day).
2. If the dog will stay outdoors, there must be a proper doghouse (with hay in cold weather). 
3. Fresh water must be available at all times.
4. If you already have a dog, consider carefully whether it will accept the newcomer.
5. If you already have a cat, will it be endangered?
6. Will you be able to spend some time with the dog every day?
7. Dog feces should be scooped and disposed of daily.
8. Does everyone in the family want to foster?

What HSWA Provides

  •  Food and bowls

  •  Doghouse or kennel

  •  Veterinary treatment

  •  Heart-worm preventative

  •  Frontline or advantage

  •  Training and behavioral support

  •  Transportation, if needed

What a Foster Home Provides
  • A safe, loving environment for an animal awaiting adoption

  • Socialization

  • Transportation to and from veterinarian and adoption site


Cat Adoption Center

By Appointment Only


Dog Adoption Center

By Appointment Only


To schedule an appointment please call or email.


Cat Adoption Center

2430 36th Street
Northport, AL 35473

NOTE: This is NOT a drop-off location for stray or unwanted animals. Please contact Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter if you need to immediately surrender an animal.


Please Send All Correspondence Here

P.O. Box 70054

Tuscaloosa, AL 35407

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