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-The Adoption Process- 

To start the adoption process, you will need to fill out an adoption application and be accepted as an adopter. 

You can fill out an application even before you decide which animal you want to adopt. In no way does it bind you to adopting from us, it just helps speed up the process for when you fall in love with your new furry friend! The Humane Society ONLY adopts to those with an approved adoption application. 

Please contact us at (205) 554-0011 (leave a message - this is an answering service only) or email for an appointment to meet an adoptable pet or for more info about our organization and our animals. Our Adoption Centers (we have one for dogs and one for cats) are homes for our healthy, adoptable animals.


There is a $75 adoption fee to help cover the vet costs for the shelter animals (payable at the time of adoption). All HSWA animals are vaccinated, spayed/neutered (if of age), and microchipped. 



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